"providing hope through Jesus Christ, in the healing and restoration of broken relationship"
Step 1
The question - The Test
Has my relationship been broken by betrayal?
Take the SAST now! (sexual addiction screening test)
Step 2
Contact Us
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Hope for Purity Ministry is a Biblically-based and clinically informed counseling and discipleship program for individuals and couples who have been negatively impacted both spiritually and emotionally by harmful sexual behavior.


We are dedicated to serve you in healing and recovery from sexual bondage and to share hope in the midst of broken relationship. Helping you understand sexual bondage and how traumatic life events can reinforce unwanted sexual behavior that can develop into an addiction.


You will find hope and freedom from sexual addiction and the bondage it produces


Increase in health metally, relationally, spiritually, and physically!

This is a process of sexual addiction recovery that is integrated with theological truth.


Step 3
Begin the healing process
You will find a safe, supportive and confidential environement filled with grace. You will be taught multiple tools based upon a task-centered approach to find healing and rebuild intimacy in relationship.  
"We are wounded in relationship and we need to heal in relationship."
-Dr. Ted Roberts-